Still in vacation mode...

Wow-wee what a birthday I had! It started back at the last weekend of July when I went down to visit my parents. We had presents: I got a BBQ from my dad, a new handmade purse from my sister and lots of book and clothes and a bagillion other awesome things from my mom! (Thanks guys!) And then we had ice cream cupcakes from Coldstone (Yum!) and we went to the Midstate Fair!

And since I got a BBQ, I decided to have a picnic in the park with my friends. We went to the beach at Alameda, and even though it was cold it was really fun. We had kabobs and lots of snacks, and my roomie and her new boyfriend made me cupcakes! Favorite present of that day had to be from Phil and Jill, the biggest zucchini I have ever seen. Time for some chutney-making for sure!

Then a couple weekends ago Dennis and I booked a sweet little cabin in north Lake Tahoe and had a wonderfully relaxing time. He got me a Wii and some Magic the Gathering cards, and we spent our time vegging out, horseback riding, jet skiing, and we visited Virginia City. It was so much fun!

And then my sister came up here for a couple days of girly fun and shopping, and she made me a beautiful scarf and took me to Chez Panisse. Ho-ly-crap! I am such a spoiled rotten little girl!
Anywho, I am still in vacation mode but I am trying to find spare time to make things. I have laid out a couple projects, and I am about halfway through a knitted hat for Dennis' birthday. And today I made green tomato pickles. If they turn out well I will post the recipe!


  1. how sweet! i am happy you loved it so! we got a kick out of the picture. speaking of, i have some of you frolicking, i will resize and send asap. muuuuah! hope you are well:)

  2. Hi Chase- Looks like some fun adventures!
    To reply to your comment- I have a 12 year old daughter (yes, I'm young; I had her when I was 19). I'm a little paranoid about the internet and what I put out there, so I don't really mention her often on my blog. Sorry to confuse you!

  3. It looks like you're having a great holiday. Hope it lasts when you get back! :)

  4. It's been a month...getting a little worried about you... Looking forward to your next great thing!