Living Life

Hey everybody!
I know it's been, what, a month since my last post? Eh, I know. But there's really nothing too exciting to report here. The weather's finally cleared up and all this springy sunshine has been making me get out of the house, and subsequently, away from the crafting table. But even though I wish I was crafting more, I've been having so much fun going out and having a real social life for once. I've made a lot of new friends and I've been to some really amazing places. Spent a lot of time at the beach and at art shows, and the new food blog has been keeping me fat and happy lol. Instead of crafting, these days I find myself out taking photos. Or when I am home I've really been practicing hard on my guitar and I'm getting pretty good at Ring Out the Bell by Travis and Closer by Dido. And I've been writing poetry again, something I haven't done since high school. So sorry I haven't got a new project to share, but life calls and I can't spend all my time inside doing crafty stuff even if I want to! But here's a pic of the latest full chalkboard, with a warning that there is a bit of adult content, lol.

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