She's Back!

Allo! I didn't realize it's been over a month since my last post, time's been getting away from me lately! I spent a lot of that time gearing up for a trip out of state and for my finals coming up next week. And while I was on vacation my etsy store was bombarded with orders, including one for Domo, the giant amigurumi robot! And all of my owls sold out! So I've been slowly, slugishly in fact, working on a new extra-adorable wave of owls for the store, and I'm trying to make up another giant amigurumi. I've got a super-sized crocheted cupcake in the works but I don't know if that's going to cut it. Oh, by the way, there's a ton of new beads over at The Slug and Lettuce for y'all!
In other news, I've got a full time job lined up for this summer! The commute's a bit long so I may have to ship a bit less often, but it shouldn't affect anyone's orders too badly! I got a job as an aprentice at a small (really really small) yarn dying company called Art Fibers out of Vallejo, and they have a store in San Francisco. I'm so excited! They're the nicest people ever and it'll be so cool to work with them. No to mention it'll be nice to get ahead for once; etsy pays the rent, but not much else! Their website can be found here, so check them out!

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