Back with a Vengance!

Alrighty, I finally got out of that crap mood thanks mostly to my dear boyfriend and bestfirend and a gaming marathon on top of good food, lol. So I finished a lot of the little projects that had been sitting around waiting for some love, and I ended up selling some more things on etsy. It's been a good week thus far. Here's my latest Easter creations, I think they're just about the cutest things in the world!
I also got the black and white harajuku neckwarmer listed because the lavender one sold already! And I finished the first bear from that huge pile of felt cutouts I posted a long time ago. I'm such a procrastinator! But at least now I don't have to worry about it too much, I'll just do what I can because finals are next week and my bookmaking final is very time consuming. When I get my midterm project back (got an A!), I'll post it on here cause I'm pretty proud of it. That's all for now, let's hope I stay on a roll as long as possible!

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