Holy Holiday Rush Batman!

I'm sorry for the posting drought, but I have been soooo uber busy trying to stock up the store for the holidays, and it's going fairly well. I've listed 25 odd things since the begining of November and I've sold 9 of them thus far, and I'm super-duper excited! But etsy is tough cause there's sooo much cool stuff to buy, I couldn't resist... Grrr. Oh well, check out this deliciously smunchy handspun yarn I bought from Feral Feminine:

It's called "Fire and Ice". Only thing is, there's about 108 yards of it and I have no idea what to make. It's enough for a good beanie, I'm sure, but suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It's about worsted weight, thinner and thicker in some places which totaly makes me looove it. Any ideas?

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