Another Happy Customer

A few weeks ago I sold my first item on my Etsy shop - a bad-ass owl pincushion named James. Shortly after, I recieved good feedback from the buyer, and then they sent me an e-mail. It makes me so happy to know what people think of my little creations, especially if they really love them. I can tell that James has gone to a good home because contained in this e-mail was a photo and a simple message: I love this place, I am so happy in Ohio. And I just thought that was the most wonderful thing in the world, until they sent me another one: It snowed last night. Isn't it pretty? How awesome is that that they love little James enough to take him out to play in the snow, and thay gave him such a lovely home! It just makes me feel all warm and squishy inside, and I hope this is a sign of good things to come for my crafting career *crosses fingers*!


  1. Anonymous6:48 PM


    I am the partner you are sending to for the Christmas Countdown swap and swap bot and I had to come over and let you know your journal is really cool and that I can't wait till I get your christmas countdown package in the mail. Will let you know when it arives.

    Happy Holidays

  2. Hey there! I had soooo much fun making up your package, wrapping it and everything. I love swapping so much! Can't wait to hear from you again, though I guess I'll have to wait another month until I can ask you if you liked it. lol!