The Style du Jours.

Warning: Sissy, don't read this unless you want to ruin your birthday suprise!

So I know people usually do a scarf for their first crochet project, but it seems I worked backwards and decided to start out making complicated stuffed animals for my first projects, and they turned out fine. I've started scarves before but always ended up unraveling them and turning the yarn into something else before they were done. I guess the monotiny of making row after row of identical stitches got the best of me and I got bored. But I recently picked up the Stitch n' Bitch crochet book, The Happy Hooker. And lo and behold, there was contained in that book a pattern for a scarf in there that went so quickly and easily and had so much flair to it that I
actually finished it!

It's just a chain of 203 and then 4 rows of double crochet with shells around the edges. I worked it in a nice fluffy, almost chunky, yarn that feels just like suede so it's super soft. Think stuffed animal in scarf form. I made this one for my sister and now I really want to make myself one, probably in the same color. If you'd like the pattern drop me a line, or pick up the book. There are so many cute and easy patterns in it, one of which I'm sure will be my first sweater. Adios!

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