Mighty quiet out there in blog land. Must be that everyone is out enjoying the summer weather. I was browsing around etsy the other day and I wanted to share all the pretties I added to my favorites:

I found these while looking for feather pads to make a bunch of feather headbands like the ones I drew in this post. Found some really amazing ones, and I cannot wait to get started on a full-scale feather hair accessory line for the shop. I have made one for myself so far and I wear it every chance I can. Pictures will be coming soon, but not too soon, as I have a lot of posts in the works that need to be up before the end of the month. Namely, I am done with the actual baskets that all the prizes will go in for the big blogiversary giveaway (be sure to leave a comment anywhere on my blog this month to be entered). And while I was making them I took very detailed pictures that I will be making into a tutorial, and I will post it by next Wednesday or sooner. I always have lots of people asking me how I get seamless joins, how I get the stitches so tight, etc, so this tutorial will essentially give away all my secrets, lol. But why not? I have had such an amazingly fun time teaching people how to crochet at the Stitch N Bitch group and I want to try my hand at teaching lots of people via the internet. (Ooh, and I am finally good enough at knitting so that I was able to teach one of our newest members last week. Yay!) Anywho, if you are learning how to crochet and want a simple project tutorial to teach you the basics of crochet in the round, then hopefully I will see you later this week!


  1. i am so happy that you have discovered a love for teaching. i think you are amazingly patient and kind...combine that with mad skills and viola!

  2. Hi.. it just happened I click on your blog and it just happened to find your name is Chase and it just happened my name is Chase, too.

    Nice to meet you...

  3. Hey Chase,first time here... must say your blog is really inspiring...loved that cute button pattern :)