Art Beat Rocked!

Oh man, seriously people, Art Beat Bazaar was so much fun! The musicians, Christina Baily and Kelly McFarling, were so good, and Karen Finlay, the spoken word artist, was so cute! All the other vendors were so wonderful, I wish I had taken more pictures! But I hope to be at the event again next month (It happens every 3rd Sunday), which will give me another chance to capture more. My friend Emily gave me a ride and ended up staying with me all day and helping me sell! What a gal, she's my hero! A bunch of my friends came out to say hello, and sweet Carolyn gave me a ride home. I have the most awesome friends. Ever. Anywho, here are some photos, and some fun news: I've got tutorials in the works for both the bunting banner and the enamel key and locket necklaces coming up soon!

I was able to spend some time on my table for once, and even got to set it up and test it out at home. I made the table cover out of the fabric I had left from making this skirt. Luckily it was juuussst enough. The event was held in a pub, and even though the lights were left on inside it was still a bit dark so we all brought table laps! Here's Emily, my wonderful helper:

Fascinators! I've had these made for a little while, but I feel like I really need to photograph them on real people before I can put them up on etsy. I sold a few at the event and it felt great!

Fun new necklaces will be in the shop soon, with a nice tutorial on here as well.


  1. your table looked really nice, I love your idea to use a cakestand for displaying the owls!
    I´ll go as a vendor on my 1st fair ever im May and had absolutely no clue, how to arrange my items on the table, now I have some ideas, thanks to you :)

  2. Thank you! I'm happy to know I've inspired your table setup! Best of luck on your first fair!

  3. Aw! Time flew that day- so fun! Thanks for the reminder of those ladies...I'm off to find their websites!

  4. Ohh sounds like you had a blast there! Your table looks just so cute! Love those enamel key necklaces!

  5. Anonymous10:51 AM

    like the new necklaces and the table looked really good as well :)