My new potholders.

My mom gave me a bag of antique quilt pieces a very long time ago. They were so lovely, but obviously cut from a quilt that was in very, very poor condition. These flowery applique pieces are so pretty, and since there were 4 of them I decided to sew them face-to-face and add a little loop of twill tape to make myself some new potholders! Whoever cut the quilt apart cut pretty close to the edges so some of the edges are a little obscured, but hey, they're potholders. And since some of the fabrics are very tattered at least my heart won't be broken when Dennis accidentally lights them on fire (okay he's never actually lit anything on fire, but he worries me in the kitchen so I know it will happen some day).

It makes me feel good to know that someone worked really hard on this quilt (it's all made from 1930's flour sack fabrics too), and then someone loved it so much that it was used to death, and even at the end of its usable life it can still be used and loved by someone else in a new incarnation. Yay reuse! There was also another bunch of quilt pieces in the bag cut from a different quilt that was all hand-quilted. I saved what I could and made something special which will be in the shop soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Those are adorable!!! I'm so happy you found a use for the quilt pieces!!

  2. Aww thanks you guys! Wait till you see what I made with the other pieces...

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  4. Oh the cuteness! (I couldn't resist!) These remind me of sun-catchers and kaleidoscopes and make me want to bake cookies and cakes right away!

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