Stupid Storm and Fancy Fabric

So right now I'm sitting in a Starbucks across town using their internet because ours has been down since yesterday, probably because of the storm. And I didn't want to be a booger and dissapear again without any explanation until after the fact, so I forked over ten bucks to sit here and get my orders copied down and do a little post I had planned for today. I wanted to show off my lovely collection of fabric, all organized like I've always wanted, like something out of a magazine:

I've always wanted to have an appartment that looks like it's ready for a shoot with Better Homes and Gardens or something, and it's getting pretty close, lol! Isn't it cool! I'm so proud of myself. (Truth be told, that's not even all of my fabric, just the prettiest ones that I could fit on the shelf. I have 2 little plastic containers with thin cottons in solid colors and lots of silks and satins that don't fold easily. So why don't I sew more? Laziness...) I spent the first month in our new apartment folding my fabrics around a cardboard template I made from the side of a box. I was inspired by another person on the net who used a large quilting ruler and wrapped all her fabric around it in the same way. I unfortunately have lost the link... If anyone has it can you post it in a comment please? I'd like to give credit where credit is due. So Angela and I spent most of our free time working on this before the housewarming party and I'm finally putting it on here! That bookshelf is about 9 feet tall and really wide, to give you an idea of how much fabric is crammed on there. On the other side you can see a couple shelves entirely filled with craft books, and I got a bunch more for christmas too! I hope someday to have a really impressively complete collection since everyone's always getting them for me. As far as my other projects go, I haven't been able to finish sanding and painting any of the furniture for my bedroom because it's been so wet and cold and dark. But come spring I should have some real furniture in there and I can put up pictures. Next on my list of things to do is a parasol light fixture for my room, for which I will post a tutorial. Maybe I'll get up the gumption to do it today, but I'm really enjoying sitting here with Angela, drinking a latte by the fireplace (yup, we got the coveted fireplace seat). Maybe, just maybe I'll get it done.... Oh, that reminds me: on top of the net being out, my new camera has been acting funny. It seems like the battery doesn't stay charged for very long, I hope it'll be better when I get home. Keep your fingers crossed for me please!


  1. Is this what you were looking for? http://thehappyzombie.com/blog/?p=124

    Your fabric looks wonderful that way, very inspiring!

  2. yummy yummy fabric shelves. they look divine! hope your internet is back up soon.

  3. the fabric on the shelf looks great. i need to refold all of mine.

  4. I love the way you organized your fabric!
    PS...I am very jealous of your collection!

  5. Your place is so, so, so...NEAT! You must be the neatest crafter ever. Like everything has a place and everything in its place. Totally amazing.

    Admiring oooo's from afar. (ooze? ooooohs? ooooooo!)

  6. oh wow thats a lot of fabric! how cool