Stormy Weather

Well I was planning on working today but the roads were deemed too dangerous to drive today by my awesome boss so we didn't have to go in today! It's really coming down outside, pouring rain and really strong winds. This is the view from our living room window:
That's the clock tower at Mills College across the street. You can see it from all of our front windows and we basically have a 360 degree view of green trees thru all of our windows, it's really nice... Even in the rain I guess. I wasn't expecting to have some extra time today, I don't know what I'm going to do with my time! Probably goof off and get nothing productive done, but I'll try not to. If you're home and bored today I suggest you check out some of my favorite stuff on the net, go to youtube and search for Flight of the Conchords and listen to "If that's what you're into" and "Business Time" Or watch the original human tetris or the japanese gameshow version. Ooh, and try searching for "matrix pingpong". And lastly, look up "tales of mere existence" and watch all of Lev's videos, so funny! And if you're still bored you can go to www.wordsmith.org/anagram and find funny anagrams for your name and people you know. My favorite for mine is Llama taco checker. I really want to make a shirt with a little name tag that says "Hello, my name is Llama taco checker". LOL! I don't know why it's so funny but it is. We did Angela's name and came out with anal ear clog!!! We laughed till we cried at most of them, fun fun! Well I guess I know what I'm doing with my day, lol. Hope everyone stays dry!


  1. tried the anagram site, I had to use my first and last name

    here's my favorite

    saki juice so

  2. Dude! You are SO sake juice. Cute!

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    Here's a couple of mine, can you guess my real name? Nice photo btw.

    Ninja Loch Homes
    Ninja School Hem

  4. I still like Ninja schmo hole, lol!