I do still make things, I swear!

So I was looking over my blog, cleaning up links, etc, and I realized I haven't really posted anything I've made since my little lunchbag. I made tons of Christmas presents but didn't snap any photos of them, probably due to my need to get them done and wrapped at the last minute, as always. And I've been crocheting a lot since I moved into my new place, but lots of the projects need little finishing touches before I'd feel proud to put them on my blog. In the works I have 2 scarves, 2 hats, and an amigurumi sheep. I've got pieces of fabric cut out and ready to be made into something, but I haven't sewn since we got here. I think part of the problem was the lighting; my sewing table is on the opposite side of the room from the overhead light. But that was remedied as of yesterday. I also know that my machine is in serious need of some maintenance, but I lack sufficient funds for it at this moment in time.

Excuses, excuses, I know. Anywho, I'm posting this picture, taken yesterday, of Michael wearing the scarf I made for him as proof that I do finish projects from time to time (excluding awesome home projects, of course). It's made from ArtFibers Yarn, Cheesecake number 13. Michael's not usually a fan of scarves, but I knew if I used this yarn it would win him over. It's an amazingly soft and supple blend of silk and wool, one of the best yarns we have for masculine scarves in my opinion  I made one exactly like it out of Cheesecake number 18 for my dad for Christmas and I think he really liked his as well. Here's the very simple pattern:

Michael's Scarf
Worked entirely in half-double crochet.

125 grams of ArtFibers Cheesecake #13 (or similar semi-chunky yarn)
Size P crochet hook
4 rows x 4 stitches = 2 inches
Finished Measurements:
8 inches wide by aprox. 5 ft. long.

First, chain 18 loosely.
Row 1 and all subsequent rows: *Hdc in each stitch across, chain 2, turn*. Work until you run out of yarn!

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