Well, I have to say I'm sorry for not posting for so long, but I have been swamped with custom orders this month for some reason. A neckwarmer, 5 dozen paper cranes, 2 paper crane mobiles, and a special amigurumi nest project all in the span of about a week and a half. Not to mention all the little ones I need to finish for my mom before I see her in a couple weeks. Some way to spend my week of vacation form school, eh? But you know I love it. So I'm glad I got those Easter projects done early, though none of them have sold yet... I've promised the little one with the chick to my mom if it's still in the store after Easter. The best thing about being so busy with stuff for the store is that it really makes it feel like a viable job. For the first few months I was making enough for spending money, but this month it has exploded and I've made enough for the rent. It feels amazing!
Okay, off on a tangent for a second, but I guess this is related to crafting:
I'm watching Survivorman on the Discovery channel right now and he just did the coolest thing ever! He's stuck in the desert, and he needed a needle and thread (for sewing a gash, etc.) so he found an agave plant and carefully stuck his face down in it and bit an end off just below the razor sharp brown part. When he pulled it out of the plant it had a bunch of super strong, long fibers attahced and it really was a needle and thread! Man, I love this show. But eew, he just tore the head off a cricket, cooked it, and ate it. I've always been fascinated with all of this "how to live off the land" stuff. I'm a firm believer that if civilization as we know it goes bye-bye I'll be able to live like a native in the forest. And heck, since I like to make stuff with my hands so much I guess I'd never be bored. It would give me an excuse to learn basket weaving, which I've always wanted to do anyhow. Okay, I told you my mind wanders.
Back to the subject at hand... Now that I've finally gotten the custom orders all done I can start making a few new things. Though, I'm taking a lot of classes for this upcoming quarter and I'm considering getting a job at JoAnn's if this whole etsy income month has been a fluke, so I can't say for sure how many new things there will be. But I sure hope this month is a sign of things to come. Wish me luck! (By the way, that's Hedwig the Easter penguin; one of the custom orders from my store.)


  1. Daw, thanks Anne! Did you see the new little elephant I made like Gertrude? She's awfully cute but definately has a different personality than yours!