Spring Has Sprung

Well, at least it hasn't been pouring rain for a few days, but it's still bitter cold around here, especially at night. So I've made a few scarves and neckwarmers and all day today I've been working on a series of four purses. My mom gave me some awesome tea towels with herbs embroidered on them a long time ago, and I just couldn't bear to use them and muck them up. So they've been sitting in my cupboards for literally years, much loved but unused. And now that I've got so much fabric and ideas floating around, I decided it was time to use them. At first I thought aprons, but with my love of zakka purses growing stronger every day I knew they had to be turned into cute bags. Especially since I just got 4 bundles of colored jute twine that match the embroidery colors like they were made for eachother. I wanted to make baskets for the bottoms again but there wasn't enough jute, so I just made circles. But they're still rather small. Hear me out... I'm going to make cylinders of fabric that will turn out to be bigger than the jute circles, but I want to gather the bottoms slightly and sew them to the circles. It will give them substance and a fluffy bottom, it'll be quirky but I think if i t turns out the way I envision it, it should be cute. I'm going to do a drawstring top and a long leather handle, kind of like a backpack. Trust me, I know half of what I just wrote probably doesn't make much sense, but it will when I post some pics of the finished products. Really, I swear it will... o_O


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    sounds cute to me:)
    I see your selling allot on etsy and congrats on your new shop...
    Quirky Bindi...