Most Epic Camping Trip, Part 2.

In the first part of this post I told you all about the good times and creepy fun I had exploring the abandoned amusement park next door to our campground. Little did I know that when I returned to the campground Vanessa would have yet another surprise for me. She said there was a neighborhood of abandoned houses just outside the campground, and we should go check it out. *Swoon* I couldn't get out there fast enough! And they literally were right next door. We had to climb over a tiny fence to get into the neighborhood, and I couldn't believe what I saw. About a dozen houses, all in various states of decay. Their styles and colors and the objects strewn about placed them as being built in the 1960's. Some were nearly perfectly intact on the outside, while others were flattened. It almost looked like the whole group had slid down the hill in a weather-related catastrophe, and that's the only theory we have going because I couldn't seem to find any information on them and we can't think of any other reason why such a lovely place would be wholly abandoned. You really should look at my flickr set to see all the houses (I'm sad I didn't have the right lens to take wider shots), because they're all amazing! But here are my favorites:

There were rusty old appliances laying around outside of the houses, as well as these few things. A hatchet, a shoe, 1960's bottles and cans. Vanessa said there used to be more but people probably took things, which makes me sad. I found an old punch-top cream soda can (kind of obsessed with punch-top cans), and I really wanted to take it, but I believe in being respectful of these places and leaving things for other people to see.

 Standing walls, collapsed roof.

 This house was nearly intact, and I loved the fading colors and moss.

 A lot of the houses were various shades of seafoam green and as nature reclaimed them they really blend into the foliage.

 Same little shack, different angle. I loved this one.

And on our way out of the rubble, Karol found tons of bullet casings. Slightly unnerving, but I'm sure someone was just using the houses as target practice, which is sad.

I hope these creepy places give you the willies for Halloween! And please remember, when urban exploring, stay safe, bring a friend, and respect the place you're in. Happy Halloween!

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  1. Happy Halloween!!!! I love seeing old abandoned houses like that. They are so so fun to explore. My hubby would have had a field day taking pictures. I'll definitely show him yours =D