Maker Faire!

So I mentioned in this post that I got to spend the weekend at Maker Faire in San Mateo with my new employers, Woodcut Maps. You know I'm a total nerd for craft fairs, and this was my first time at this particular fair. But it was unlike anything I've ever been to before. The sheer size of it was the first thing that really struck me on Friday when we were setting up - it literally covered the entire fair ground. It was just like the state fair we had back home when I was a kid, but instead of rides there were giant flaming robotic sculptures. Instead of a rodeo or a beauty pageant there was the robot petting zoo and talks given by nerd celebrities like Adam Savage of Mythbusters and the guys from Eepybird, famous for their Diet Coke and Mentos stunts. And instead of exhibition halls filled with flower arranging, cattle, and guys trying to sell you hot tubs (anyone?), there was pure and utter handmade artisan awesomeness with a high-tech overtone. I was in heaven, and so was my boyfriend, who is usually a little bored by regular old craft fairs. Here are some of my pictorial highlights of the last day of the fair when I got to wander about, and as always there are way more over at my flickr, here.

Giant flaming/misting umbrella sculpture. I got to watch a guy climb to the top of this thing with a blowtorch and no safety harness to light the flaming bits on setup day.
Three children trapped in a Faraday cage, dancing to rave music while being struck by lightning, which was timed to said music. Totally safe.
Holistic Hooping.
The ever-lovely Alex trying her hand at some holisitc hooping. I was delighted by how good her husband was at it too.
Tapigami. Craziest thing ever made from masking tape.
Giant flaming/rolling dragon thingy. I need one of these.
Lovely Carolyn was volunteering her time and made friends with a Dalek.
I got to wear my steampunk costume on Sunday. I'll take any excuse I can get to wear it. There was an entire little steampunk section of the fair and so many cool costumes. I found my people!

That was one of the most awesome weekends I've ever had. And I found out we are going to be at Renegade in San Francisco on July 21st and 22nd. Can't wait!

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