Beer and Cheese Pairing Party

My friend Shannon turned 25 this week and in celebration she threw herself a "Beer and Cheese Pairing" party.

She works at a local cheese company, North Bay Curds and Whey, manning their farmer's market stall and I knew we'd all be in for a treat when she told me her idea. I'm so happy I went: her friends were wonderful, the food was to die for, and I loved her retro apartment building more than I should have! Shes such a sweetie:

Oh, the food... That's fig jam made by one of her friend's aunts, or grandmothers, or something. We all agreed that even if she couldn't remember which relative made it, if an old woman hands you a jar of jam it's bound to be good. There was creamy sheep's milk bleu cheese with apples, amazing crackers and honey drizzled on a cheese that was rolled in wine grape husks, mac & cheese made with gluten-free pasta, fancy cheeses, yogurt, and purple kale that got deliciously crispy while baking, salad with blue cheese, cranberries, apples, and walnuts, and beautiful tarts for dessert, along with brownies and a strawberry sorbet with lemon and ginger made by Shannon's boyfriend.

A good time was had by all and we left with full bellies and warm hearts. A happy, happy birthday indeed. There's a few more photos in my flickr set, here.

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