Oh, and by the way...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Dennis and I will be watching Irish movies and eating corned beef and cabbage. How about you? Anywho, the real reason for this post is that the apartment below us is vacant! Ghasp! Here's the Craigslist ad our landlord has posted:

I'm writing about this on here because Angela and I would love it so much if we could encourage some cool people to move in downstairs. For some reason the neighbor below us and the neighbor across from us were continuously fighting about lord knows what, but since we could hear them sometimes I gathered that it was a typically Oakland-style fight concerning baby-daddies and money. Yes, I am serious. We love our neighbor across the way and are very glad the one downstairs has moved on as she was not very friendly. If you're looking for a nice apartment with amenities, a great landlord, and neighbors who are friendly then look no further! Angela and I would love it if someone would move in who is the kind of neighbor we strive to be. We would love to have a building-wide barbecue in our awesome back yard with our awesome neighbors, or trade baked goods and veggies from our soon-to-be-garden for a cup of tea and a conversation. What ever happened to the days when neighbors were friends? I hope they're not gone for good...


  1. Lolz. Me too! You would be the most awesome neighbor ever!!!