Surprise balls are in the shop! Crepe paper sculpted into handmade anatomical hearts filled with prizes?! Yes please!

Pretty cool right?! I'm incredibly excited about these Valentine's Day anatomical heart surprise balls I made! They're made from about 64 feet of heavy German crepe paper streamers, which I cut by hand and wrapped around seven little toys: 

How cool would it be to get one of these from your love on Valentine's day?! You unravel it like a ball of yarn and at the end of every color of streamer out pops a prize! Can you believe that only one dot of glue holds the whole thing together? So cool!
I've been having a blast picking out all the little toys for each different kind of ball, and I tried to choose vintage-inspired prizes that I enjoyed as a kid (And, honestly, I still enjoy them now!). I've gotten some surprise balls in the past that didn't have very good prizes inside, like paper fortunes or candy, so I wanted to make sure mine were top-notch! If you check out the listing on Etsy, I have a little breakdown of why I chose each prize.

Also, if you've been following my Instagram at all (@ohthecuteness), then you've probably seen me making these ones during the Christmas season:

It's a lump of coal! I also made snowballs for "Nice" people, but I sold out of those at the craft fairs I did. I'm glad I had one coal left to keep in my office. They were filled with gags and jokes for "Naughty" people, and the snowballs were filled with more friendly, cutesie toys. I'm having a blast coming up with new ones for each holiday, and I will only make 12 for each batch and no more. 

But, in addition to the special holiday ones, I'm going to be creating Boy Birthday, Girl Birthday, and Congratulations surprise balls, as well as offering to make individual custom ones to suit someone's specific tastes, or big custom batches for party favors. I'm just waiting for some blue crepe paper to come in and then I'll be able to make samples of each one for the shop!


  1. How CUTE.
    These would be great, for the someday (maybe not too far off) when my son graduates from Med School! He just sorta kinds said he might go into the cardiac specialisation, so these would be so perfect!!! pinning for future ideas.

  2. Chase...these are really unique (and fun)...

    I bought the coal ones you made at
    x-mas, and everyone loved them ...
    May need to get some for v-day as well !