She's here... And already a big help!

Remember, like, oh I don't know, a couple years ago when I completed the Me Made May challenge? For those of you that weren't around, I wore nothing but clothing I made myself for a whole month, and I knitted a sweater during that time too, and I promised myself that if I completed the challenge and finished the sweater that I would buy myself a dressmaker's dummy. Well, not to soon after I completed the challenge I got a huge car repair bill that I'm still kind of recovering from, and the dummy fell by the wayside. But recently I have been wanting it more and more and Singer just came out with one that's about half the cost of the one I was looking at, so while dad got me my camera lens for Christmas, mom got me the dummy!

Ain't she a beaut! I have a bunch of custom projects that need doing from etsy and friends, but now all I want to do is sew a dress! But that will have to wait. I bought the dummy that does sizes from 10-16, and though I waver between a 14 and a 16 it seems a little small even on the largest settings, so I think I will have to add some extra batting in certain places (aka the bust line and butt) to make it more like me. So until I get some more free time (as always), she's been an excellent model for the new round of infinity scarves I just put in the shop, just in time for spring! Click on the pics to go to the listings and be sure to look in the store for more!

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