Hipster McPatchy-Pants

Alrighty, I have another item to cross off the list of unfinished projects, granted it is not a very exciting one. I have had a few pairs of jeans that have needed holes patched up for a while now. Funny thing is, I have already repaired two of these pairs multiple times:

The holes keep happening in the same place on these jeans, which I bought at target about a year or two ago only a couple months apart. The butts of these pairs seem to be disintegrating slowly, causing little and big rips all over. I blame it on something in the manufacturing of this brand at the time, and hopefully not on my righteous booty. I really don't know why I keep patching them, since I have been losing weight they are waaaay too big on me now and I probably look like a hobo with a big cluster of patches on my butt, but the thrifty hippy in me still sees them as useful. I suppose I will just use them for around the house/ gardening. Anywho, here they are with the new round of patches installed:

Now this third pair of jeans has succumbed to the dreaded inner thigh wear that almost all jeans eventually die from:

But this was my favorite pair of jeans and even though I ran out and bought an identical replacement pair I was not about to let them go without a fight. (They were from the Gap and therefore expensive!) My patch solution for these was an idea my roommate gave me. She patched similar holes on a pair of grey work pants, and instead of just doing whatever shape would cover the holes, she did hearts! I thought it was hilarious and adorable and quite cheeky so I did mine like that too!
I used a slightly stretchy heavy plaid and on the inside there is a layer of super-soft t-shirt material as a stabilizer. I am hoping this will give me about 6 months more from these jeans and if anyone happens to notice the hearts I'm sure it will give them a laugh.

In other news, I never got around to sharing pictures of the adorable shift dress that I won from Zoe over at So, Zo... back during Me Made May. I love it so much! The construction is flippin' amazing and it fits like it was made just for me, plus I always get tons of compliments on it. I love wearing it to work because it makes me feel like a cute little kid, especially with the addition of pigtails. Thanks Zo!

Next on the list of projects to finish is another baby quilt. I was going to take pictures of the top today but I'm just feeling so lazy! Oh well, you'll see it soon hopefully. Off to do laundry, have a great week!

*If you would like to sign up for the Finish It challenge, you can e-mail me at ohthecuteness@hotmail.com or go to this post and leave a comment, and be sure to read all the rules. Be sure to include a link to your blog if you have one, and go join the flickr group here. The list of participants and links to their own unfinished objects is here. And my ongoing list can be found here.


  1. Oh my goodness you look so amazing in the tunic dress! It's very funny to see it on a US blog! I'm so glad you won it as you really do wear it so well. Thanks for the props too.

    Zoe xxxxx

  2. That dress is so CUTE! You look so happy :)

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