Photography Class!

I'm taking a beginning digital photography class this quarter and having a lot of fun with it. The class is really basic though, so I don't feel like I'm learning a whole lot, but it's nice to have a teacher who makes me take pictures I never would have thought to take. Our most recent projects were really fun for me, I got them done in one day, listening to my new Basia Bulat CD which I highly recommend. The first one was trying to capture and depict the two facets we see in our personalities. This is the one I've decided to turn in:
I was going for a good/evil or beautiful/ugly vibe, something I'm sure everyone can easily relate to.

The other project was awesome: we had to make ourselves into the patron saint of something. I decided to be the patron saint of unreciprocated love. No real reason, honestly. Granted I've been shot down in the past, who hasn't? But I chose it because I got the visual idea the second our teacher gave us the assignment. I wanted to do a sad one of a woman holding an unwanted heart that was leaking tears. So, I didn't have a heart lying around the house so I used a little ball of red boucle' yarn and soaked it in water. I kept it in a bowl just out of frame. Gets the idea across I guess. Here's the one I'm most likely going to turn in:
I think this would be fun to revisit, maybe with someone else to help me, and a real heart... Eew, maybe not. lol. You can check out all the good ones that didn't quite make the cut over at my personal non-crafty flickr. Feedback would be much appreciated as this is a learning experience!

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