Alrighty, prepare yourselves for a very long post with lots of pictures! Here's what went on during my birthday extravaganza in Las Vegas! In all, there were a lot of people that came. Me, Mom, Dad, Michael, Michael's parents, my sisters Aura and Holly and Holly's husband, my uncles Adam and Amen, and my aunt Julie and her boyfriend. For my birthday dinner my dad took us out to Emeril's seafood house in the MGM Grand. Very fancy with a ballet service and the best sorbet ever for desert. My first legal dring was one of their mojitos and mmm boy was it ever good. And don't worry, I didn't get smashed.

So, most of us stayed at the Flamingo and had a really posh room with a nice view. The hotel across the way with the blue roof is the Imperial Palace where Michael's parents stayed. In amongst the palm trees is a bunch of nice pools.
This is me, waiting for everyone to arrive to see my first slot machine, lol.

Goodbye little dollar.
I must have been thinking, "Go big or go home..."
Will she win? Eh, no, but it was fun all the same. Actually, I did end up coming home with about 25 dollars more than I left with just form playing slots. Turns out though that the slot machines in Vegas don't pay real coins anymore. Instead they pay money voucher tickets that you cash in later. I was bummed, and determined to get a bucket full of coins. We found a place way down by Circus Circus called "Slots of Fun" that had all the old-school slots and really cheap tables. But it was really far off the strip and we couldn't stay long. We also found out that the Tropicana has a big group of coin-paying ones, and I won quite a bit of quarters and nickels alltogether. The tropicana is also where we got to see the Bodies Exhibition. It's preserved human bodies on display for educational purposes. It was fascinating and I'm so glad I got to see it!
The fake Eifel Tower was actually pretty cool.
The fountain show at the Bellagio is definately worth seeing, it was so beautiful!
I didn't get to see all of the crazy hotels and such, but I saw quite a few and I think my favorite was the Venitian. It has tons of shops and Michael and I wandered around and got ice cream, looking at all the expensive goodies and considering taking a ride on the canals, but we ran out of time.
And since I'm such a dork, I took some pictures of fancy Italian fashions I know I'll never own, but maybe I can make something like them?
And last, but certainly not least, in the airport on our way home I saw a vending machine with an ipod advert on the side, and I jokingly said, "Honey, can I have a dollar so I can get an ipod from the vending machine?" Little did I know...
Only in Vegas...


  1. Too fun! Andrew and I drove down from Salt Lake when we were living there and stayed at Paris. I think once was enough for us, but we did have fun. :)

  2. Isn't it just the craziest city in the world? I love it! We're alrteady making plans for a return visit!

  3. That vending machine is the best! I guess you wouldn't be scraping together change to get those.