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I have a fan! Huzzah! A woman named Therese sent me a convo on etsy to let me know she liked my little bird amigurumis and yesterday she featured me in her wonderful blog, Softies Central. It's so nice to know people like what I do, it really inspires me. Speaking of inspiring, her blog is full of awesome pics and ideas from softie makers all over the place. Definately go check it out.
On another note, there's a lot of V-Day colored goodies up at my etsy shop, including another cupcake. But you know what I recently realized? I hate beading. I absolutely hate hate hate it. It seemed like it was taking me so long to make a relatively simple cupcake, but I realized all my time was going into beading their faces. And while I love the cute faces I put on them, I'm definately not going to be making a ton of those. I have one eye done on one and it will eventually get finished, but my new ones just have one simple red faceted antique glass bead as a "cherry" on top. Much easier on me and my dislike of beading, and still just as cute if you ask me. I need to get going on some more birds and owls, but it's slow going now that school has started again. More on that later...

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