So Cute!!!

Well, it took me about a day and a half working on and off to finish the cupcake. And of course, I couldn't just leave well enough alone. I had to make him one of my own, so I gave him a cute little face inspired by the plushies at My Paper Crane. His eyes and mouth are antique glass beads, and his sprinkle freckles are glass tubular seed beads. I looooove him so much, it almost seems mean to stick pins in him (except for the cute little bobble on his forehead. I thought I'd make him look a little frightened because, well, you'd be frightened too if a giant was going to stick big needles into you, right?

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  1. I guess I have to start by saying this is a talented girl. Yeah...you know...the freak with the evil bunny and adorable crocheted cupcakes? I have to say her crafting is over obsessive, but completely acceptable and "totally FETCH!" I love all of it! And being an artist myself, I can definitly tell her that she can't say how bad of an artist she is, because she's got her own quarky style that I have developed a love for over the years. It's all abnormal and delightful at the same time. For someone who can mix genres no matter how bad you think they don't mix, is definitly a crackshot designer. This girl throws her own creative genius into the world like an accessively psychotic catapolt. You keep chucking your fatuous gifts to us, because we all love it!